Sagar Nandi
Default shortcuts inside of MetaStock.

Do you like shortcut keys?

Do you wish you knew MetaStock's shortcut keys?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this list is for you:

Shift f1 - Help Mode
Ctrl C - Copy to Clipboard
Ctrl X - Cut to Clipboard
Ctrl V - Past from clipboard
Delete - Delete Selected Item from a chart
Alt + Delete - Delete all items on a chart
Tab Select Next Item
Shift Tab- Select Previous Item
Ctrl Z - Undo last action
Ctrl Y - Redo last action
Alt Right Arrow - Move forward one security
Alt Left Arrow - Move Backward one security
Ctrl Right Arrow - Scroll chart Left
Ctrl Left Arrow - Scroll chart right
Note - You can also use the wheel mouse to scroll left and right.
Ctrl + Zoom In
Ctrl - Zoom out
Note You can use Ctrl and the wheel mouse to zoom in and out.
Ctrl F - Open Forecaster
Ctrl I - Insert Indicator
Crtl O - Open chart file
Ctrl N - Create a new Layout/Composite file
Ctrl S - Save a chart
Ctrl P - Print a chart.
Alt Enter - Display properties of selected items
Ctrl D - Start the Downloader
Ctrl E - Run the Explorer
Ctrl T - Run System Tester
Ctrl R - Run Expert Advisor
Ctrl I - Run Indicator Builder
Ctrl W - Open Power Console

Another thing I find extremely helpful. When you'd like to change securities, simply start typing a new Symbol and hit Enter and it will jump to any new symbols.

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