Sagar Nandi
All media is Bullish on Steel Industry in the USA as USA announced hefty tariff on steel imports.

CUE Traders rely on objective data-driven analysis of CUE Systems. And that analysis is telling there is a Low-Risk Short on US Steel (X).

All snapshots as of around 1:20 PM EST 9th Mar 2018, Friday.

The trade potential was located in seconds using Sonar Dashboard on CUE Elite. It could be identified using CUE Global Sonar as well. That is, following Top-Down Approach.

The Steel Industry is weakening.

Fundamentals are mixed. Neither best nor worst.

The charts of US Steel is clearly Bearish. Weekly has even displayed a Bearish Headwind. Daily has broken below Memory.

X Sonar 2018-03-09_13-16-23.jpg 
X Edge 2018-03-09_13-20-30.jpg  X Vitall 2018-03-09_13-21-08.jpg  X AAG 2018-03-09_13-18-45.jpg 

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