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Analysis of $AA and $CUB - found from peer-analysis of $HWM.

Wadi shared an idea on $HWM. I carried out a real-time CUE Vital peer analysis on fundamentals and found:

AA - (1) undervalued stock with (3) short squeeze potential, and the stock is up today by 2.5% as of ~11:07 AM EST.

CUB - (2) high earning growth in the last quarter and (3) this stock is also up by 1.8%.

AA gave a Breakout setup yesterday and is in a strong industry.

CUB's industry is accelerating but weaker than that of AA.

If you had to buy one of them, probably AA is more ready as it already broke out of Memory resistance.

CUB looks like about to be ready (with a Breakout setup).

2 0 industry scorecard.jpg  3 1 fundamental.jpg     4 0 technical.jpg  2 1 industry %.jpg  4 1 technical.jpg 
What happened to $CUB and $AA after I shared the analysis yesterday?

The market pulled back.

How did that affect the trade entry/exit decisions on these stocks?

1) $CUB did not confirm the breakout, and CUE traders would stand aside.

2) $AA Breakout entry was one day ago. And one might continue to hold it with target and stop-loss levels pre-planned at the time of the entry.

4 0 technical.jpg    
4 1 technical.jpg 
How did $AA and $CUB do since I shared them on the forum four trading days ago?

Both made a profit of more than 6%.

1) AA gave a Breakout long setup on 18th May.

2) If you bought it at that time, the position has more than 10% profit. CUE traders would make sure to make some money from the trade.

3) When I shared the idea on CUB, on 19th May, the stock closed below the Memory resistance - it did not confirm the Breakout setup. I was already in the trade - sometimes, due to timezone difference, I do not wait for the market close to see if a trade setup is confirmed or not. That is, however, is not the CUE guideline.

4) If you did not buy CUE on 19th May, you could buy it next day near the market open as CUB opened above the Memory resistance.

5) Today CUB gapped up at the open.

6) My position has more than 6% profit in four trading days. I am going to make sure that I book some profit on the trade.

4 0 technical.jpg  4 1 technical.jpg 

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