Setting refresh frequency for Xenith/EIKON based systems to save network bandwidth and computer processing power.

CUE Edge and CUE Vital, etc. which are based on Metastock Xenith, require significant bandwidth in the streaming mode as they constantly update thousands and thousands of data points. To reduce bandwidth and processing power need, you may set Xenith (EIKON) update frequency as described in this forum topic, if not already done so.

1. Open Thomson Reuters EIKON - Microsoft Excel from Microsoft Windows program list, taskbar or from start items.

img 1.jpg 

2) Go to the "Thomson Reuters" menu on Microsoft Excel menu bar and (3) click on Settings. Note that you need to be logged into Eikon (the green color "Online" status will show up to the left of the "Settings" text. 

img 2.jpg 
4) Click on Data Retrieval.

img 3.jpg

5) Select the "Function" tab. (6) Then uncheck "Streaming". (7) Check "Refresh Frequency" and (8) set the duration to 5 or 10 minutes (or duration of your choice).

img 4.jpg 

9) If you make any changes, click "Apply". (10) Note the message telling that the changes will be effective next time you open Thomson Reuters Eikon - Microsoft Excel.

img 5.jpg 

Your setting is now complete. You may close and reopen Thomson Reuters Eikon for Microsoft Excel for the changes to take effect.


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