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The following steps will remove the components of the older version of CUE Elite. You may follow these steps before installing the latest release of CUE Elite so that only the latest CUE Elite components are available for use.

Note: <Documents> folder is the folder where your Tradestation 10.0 is installed. This should have a folder with name Tradestation 10.0 once this version of TradeStation is properly installed.

1) Delete the old CUE Custom Symbol Lists from the folder <Documents>\Tradestation 10.0
\CustomSymbolLists. These start with prefix "CUE" or has "Superior Profit" in the name.

2) Delete the old CUE Desktops from the folder <Documents>\Tradestation 10.0\Desktops. These start with prefix "CUE".

3) Delete the old CUE Scans from the folder <Documents>\Tradestation 10.0\Scans\_root. These start with prefix "CUE".

4) Delete the old CUE Chart Templates from the folder <Documents>\Tradestation 10.0\Templates\Charting. These start with prefix "CUE".

5) Delete the old CUE Radar (Sonar) Templates from the folder <Documents>\Tradestation 10.0\Templates\RadarScreens. These start with prefix "CUE".

6) Delete the old CUE Workspaces from the folder <Documents>\Tradestation 10.0\Workspaces. These start with prefix "CUE".

7) Run Tradestation if it is not running. Go to menu View->Shortcuts->Macros. Delete all the macros with the prefix CUE.

8) Optional step to remove old CUE easy language components.

Run Tradestation if it is not running. Run development environment by selecting Apps->Easy Language. Click on the menu File->Open. In the choice box "Select Study Type", choose "All". From the displayed studies, choose all the ones with prefix "CUE". You may select all of them in one step by clicking on the first one with prefix "CUE" and then scrolling down and pressing shift-click on the last one with the prefix "CUE". Now, right-click and choose "Remove". That will remove all the CUE easy language components from your computer.

9.  Optional step to remove old CUE DLL components.

Remove the following DLLs from your computer's TradeStation's Program folder. This folder will look something like "C:\Program Files (x86)\TradeStation 10.0\Program".

Note: Depending on your CUE Elite installation, you may not have some of the DLLs on your computer.


(Note: this will be the same folder where you will find "ORPlat.exe"; the TradeStation's ".EXE" program.)

The exact folder location may vary depending on where TradeStation is installed on your computer. 

Once these steps are completed the components of CUE Elite will be removed. You may then go ahead with installing the latest release of CUE Elite. Instructions for that are provided in this FAQ: How to install CUE Elite.

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