Proof of the pudding is in eating: 50% profit in FB in a few hours, a trade idea I shared on YouTube live today.

Could you short like me using your trading systems right at the time market weakened? Could you book a profit on time? If not, what stopped you from doing that?


Options are risky. However, in good hands and with CUE systems, it can be profitable. Still, I avoid encouraging people (especially novice traders) to trade options. When I told that to Rick recently, he was not fully aligned with my thought and mentioned it would be useful if sometimes I shared some more detail on my options trades.

I did that in my Live Market Meet YouTube session today - I talked about some of the options trades. How I identified, entered, booked profit, and plan to manage them going forward.

Here is another example.

In the same YouTube live session, I talked about Facebook (FB).

1) FB is about to create a false upside breakout in the weekly.

2) At a level where Bearish Headwind reversal signal had come a few days ago.

3) Yesterday it created a false upside breakout in the daily along with (4) Bear Release signal. 

5) Today's candle color is bearish.

I mentioned in the YouTube live session that you could short FB using real-time Fine Tune chart (if at all you wanted to short any of the FAANG+Tesla stocks!). Well, I did that.

6) I shorted FB using put options right after it fell below Early Range Low in the real-time CUE Fine Tune chart. That was an Early Range Breakout short entry technique. In this case, looking at the significant % drop in FB and that it was overextended, I took (a somewhat speculative than I usually use) out of the money options at 200 strikes. However, to balance the out of the money strike, I took a little bit farther away expiry (than my usual for swing trades) of 17th July.

7) Later in the day, FB fell further below the Early Range Low.

8) My FB put options gave 51%+ profit. I am happy to book some profit that I got in a few hours.

As I showed in the YouTube live session, there are Memory trendline supports in several market ETFs. They may or may not hold. However, I cannot be unhappy with booking partial profit at 51% in a few hours of trading.

FB's industry and fundamentals also allowed me to short the trade using the CUE 360 technique.

5 0 Technical.jpg  5 1 Technical.jpg
  4 0 Fundamental Snapshot.jpg 
3 2 Industry %.jpg

Disclaimer: This site is for educational purposes only, explaining the use of CUE systems and techniques. It is not for trade advice. Trading involves risk. You and only you are solely responsible for the outcome of your trades.

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