After looking thru CUE edge Insight and then CUE Finder I found PLT as a possible entry on Monday (6/8)

A. PLT was found in CUE Finder as a stock which had a 15% change on Friday

B. In CUE Vital, PLT shows to be undervalued and a good short squeeze

C. PLT's Industry shows to be improving

D. PLT has a bullish weekly candle

E. PLT has a strong daily candle & a Go with Flow setup & is bouncing off a memory line

My only concern is the potential resistance at the memory line around $19

PLT A.jpg  PLT B.jpg  PLT C.jpg  PLT D E.jpg 
What Rick shared as his concern is a concern for me too on $PLT.

The Memory trend line resistances are there in both the weekly and daily charts.

I would avoid buying the stock on Friday's close or on Monday's (today's) open.

I may watch the market on Monday and then decide whether and which industry/stock to buy.
That is why CUE traders avoid buying (shorting) a stock that has resistance (support) Memory nearby.


1) Twentytwo days have passed since I expressed my view against buying $PLT due to the Memory resistance line.

The stock has not been above to break that weekly Memory. 

In the daily, it is now close to the Memory resistance. And it has Memory support as well. If it breaks above the Memory resistance (Triangle pattern), then it may give a low-risk buying opportunity.

6 0 Technical.jpg 

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