$PAGS is not a stock I will buy today. Why?

Technicals are at best neutral, not bullish.

1) Weekly displayed a bearish Headwind possible reversal signal last week.

2) This week's Backdrop color is remaining neutral, yellow.

3) Relative Performance shows it is underperforming the market.

4) Friday's Traffic Light candle color is bearish as of 11 AM EST.

5) It is inside a Triangle pattern formed by resistance and support Memory lines in the daily chart.

6) Its industry is weakening.

7) Fundamentally overvalued.

8) Earnings are positive but slightly slowed down.

9) PAGS is a Brazilian stock and its business may be negatively affected by recent taxation changes (as per Reuters news). 

Are you still considering to buy PAGS? I would not - not now at least. At a minimum, it needs to break above the Triangle pattern in daily for me to consider buying it. And then also, I will apply the 360 analysis as usual before making the decision. Instead, there may be a low-risk shorting opportunity in coming days.

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