Sagar Nandi
Optimal value semi stock with earnings growth may be a buying opportunity.


Snapshots as of 9:45 AM EST on 29th Nov.

lrcx chart 2018-11-29_9-45-01.jpg  lrcx edge 2018-11-29_9-47-11.jpg  lrcx vital 2018-11-29_9-46-26.jpg 
Sagar Nandi
LRCX trade was exited with good profit, at pre-planned target level first, and then observing industry/stock weakness next.

When the trade was suggested, LRCX's industry was strong. That has reversed today, Semis are worst performing today as seen from real-time industry-analysis (using CUE Edge).

Here is how the trade was exited following CUE guidelines.

LRCX Chart 2018-12-04_9-50-46.jpg  LRCX Industry 2018-12-04_9-37-54.jpg  LRCX Sector 2018-12-04_9-37-26.jpg 
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