One stock $GME leading to another possible bottom-catching buying opportunity.

$GME is in the news. It dropped heavily after earnings.

I carried out a peer analysis of GME and saw only one stock that looks like a possible bottom catching buying opportunity. Would you think so? If so, what strategy (stock, or options; if options, what options) will you like to use?

1) Fundamentally undervalued stock.

2) Robust earnings quality.

3) Short squeeze potential.

4) Up by more than 2% today.

5) Over the previous 5-days, the stock fell by more than 33% (like GME, that drop was also related to earnings).

6) Very close to the 52-week low.

7) Yesterday there was extremely high volume, that might point to exhaustion of bears, to be seen in the coming days.

8) The price is near Long-Term (quarterly) pivot support.

9) Wil price close higher today? It was up by more than 2% in the morning session.

You may watch for some bullish confirmation before deciding to buy it if at all you wish to do so.
Another view at $CONN using the fundamentals snapshot as of 11th Dec ~11 AM EST.

b 3 2019-12-11_11-07-18.jpg 
The bullish confirmation did not come.

1) I shared my analysis of $CONN yesterday around 11 AM EST and suggested the following:

"You may watch for some bullish confirmation before deciding to buy it if at all you wish to do so."

The ended down with a red bearish Traffic Light daily candle. 

As there was no bullish confirmation (a close above the long-term pivot with bullish shape candle, preferably with Bull Release signal as well) did not come, you would stand aside from taking any long trade in CONN.

You may keep an eye on the stock to see if it gives exhaustion based Bounce long trade setup in the coming days.

c 1 2019-12-12_13-25-02.jpg 
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