Non CUE traders may not have an easy way to identify such a buying opportunity. But some of us are not non-CUE traders.


A CUE Bounce setup is not that common.

I found this stock from CUE INSIGHT.

The industry is up today. Not the strongest of all the industries, still it is up.

Great fundamentals. After earnings, it went down and now found support at Memory support, giving a Bounce Long setup.

QNST gave a Bounce Long setup today.

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Non-CUE traders probably could not find the $QNST bounce set up in time. But I am not a non-CUE trader.

1) I identified the Bounce long set up at the most optimal point on 14th May - two trading days ago.

2) Today, QNST gapped up at the open.

3) The position I took on that day has more than 8% profit. It is time to make sure that an 8% profit in two days does not turn into a loss. That is my way of taking some money off the table when I have it. At least some of it.

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