After reviewing many stocks today I found NE as a potential short opportunity today.

A. CUE Finder summary shows the market to be bearish

B. CUE Edge Insight shows NE to be a poor performing overvalued stock

C. The industry (Oil and Gas Drilling) is very weak

D. CUE Vital shows NE to be very overvalued and weaker earnings quality

E. CUE Elite weekly is my only concern, it is not giving a bearish signal

F. CUE Elite daily candle shows NE to be breaking below a memeory line

NE A.jpg  NE B.jpg  NE C.jpg  NE D.jpg  NE E F.jpg 
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Here is a pattern that is one of the beauties of the CUE systems and techniques.

If you notice the last posts from Rick and Wadi (and my lack of post yesterday), there is a pattern. What is that?

That is we all found it difficult to find a trade that we have no reservation about. A setup that we could share, let alone trade, without hesitation.

That is the way of CUE alerting you that it is not a time to take a new trade. And be careful about existing directional trades.

If you follow CUE techniques for a while, you will know that it is not an isolated occurrence. CUE technique has a way of not giving any comfortable trade setup when the market move is less clear. As it happened yesterday after market close.

It was not by accident. That is how the CUE systems and techniques are designed. 

If I still take a trade, I have to be aware of the non-optimal CUE signals and have to have pretty good reason(s) to still take a trade.
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