May Gilead have some medicine for the coronavirus? If so, that may also boost the stock.


In any case, (1) it is breaking above the daily Memory trendline resistance and giving a Go With Flow trend-following long setup.

2) The stock is undervalued.

3) The biotech industry is neutral, neither strongly bullish (relative to others) nor bearish.

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1) Yes. I did announce on Fri that I bought GILD, despite the market dropping heavily. I shared it in the forum. I posted it on twitter. And I discussed it at length in the weekend market roundup video.

How did it work out?

2) My stop was using the CUE Protection signal.

3) Today as of ~10:10 AM EST, the stock has covered risk distance, and you might book partial profit. I have closed half of my position with a good profit already (I had taken a synthetic long position using options: long a call and short a put at the same strike).

That is the confidence with which you can trade if you have a robust system that you believe (and always manage risk and money withe discipline). Not to say that any trade's result is known beforehand. But over a number of trades, it should work out if you know what you are doing.

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Why I book at least partial profit quickly once the risk-distance is covered?

I booked a profit in the $GILD long trade the very next day after entry. Why does that approach help?

1) I suggested the buy on 21st Feb.

2) Very next trading day, 24th Feb, it covered the risk-distance, and I booked partial profit.

3) Afterward, on 27th Feb it went higher but reversed on that day.

4) Today, 28th Feb, price opened with a gap-down.

Not booking profit when would be psychologically tormenting, as the trade had a good profit and it eroded later.

What now? It has found support at the daily Memory trendline. And weekly Backdrop (not shown) is bullish. You may see if it gives a trend-following Go WIth Flow long setup in the coming days.

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