I am primarily looking for Long trades this week (with caution). 

1) CUE Insight gave me Play - an undervalued stock 
2) Fundamental stats on the stock shows that 35 out of 37 stocks of this industry are up
3) The Industry color on CUE Edge also show a drastic change in color from very weak (past 2M) to very strong today. 
4) On the charts we can see that the Weekly has a signal for Long and is bouncing nicely from Trendline. On daily we see the same pattern that the price tested the trendline many times in the downside but couldn't break it. We have Bullish Pressure and High Activity today with a signal candle for Long. I buy it with tight sl and fairly good amount of reward potential. 

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In my experience, the traders who log their ideas in a forum in detail, end up being the consistently successful traders.

Wadi is doing great on that front. 

I did not carry out a detailed analysis of PLAY to see if there was a better buying opportunity in the industry. Instead, let me comment on how you could use a few of the CUE systems features to analyzing the stock.

It helps to put the stock in CUE Sonar in CUE Elite. That helps to read out the signals that we sometimes miss when looking at the chart. Here is the Sonar for PLAY and associated signs.

1) I type the symbol in Sonar, and it calculates the CUE signals in real-time.
2) Gap Up open of 9.1%.
3) Further up move of 9.2%.
4) Closing 18.3% above the previous day's close.
5) A bullish Bounce from Memory trendline support.
6) A bullish Flow - which is usually an optimal buy point.
7) Extreme High bullish volume or activity.
8) The stock is still in a downtrend (below both yellow and white Direction lines).
9) It is inside a CUE Squeeze, and if it exits the squeeze, there is a potential of a significant move.
10) Bull Release signals. Bears were keeping the stock depressed, and for now, they relinquished control. Bulls are in power for now.
11) Bullish Relative Performance - the stock is outperforming the market.
12) Unusual for stock at a low price level, Option Volatility is low. A Short Put / Vertical strategy may not be suitable. Instead, one might consider Call/Vertical or buy the stock outright.

Mostly you may use the CUE At A Glance Template for charting a stock as Wadi did. And you may also change to other CUE templates to visualize the signals.

A) The Price Extreme chart shows that PLAY was at Price Extreme Low and just got out of it. That makes this time the best time to take a longer-term position in PLAY as well, provided there is a CUE long setup.
B) You can see the CUE Squeeze visually on the CUE Volatility template. The candle color here indicates option volatility, which is low (red is low).
C) The Option Volatility is also drawn as a line. It is low but starting to tilt up.

Further visual insight is available from CUE Vital fundamental scores and CUE Edge industry rotation scores. Wadi already included those snapshots.

With all the visual cues, the CUE systems make it easy to make a decision. What is your choice on PLAY?

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