Finder gave me VTR as a breakout signal. 

Vitals showed that it's a trade candidate by having positive stats for the last Quarterly. It's also paying divedend which is a plus point. 

Industry analysis showed that the "Health Care Reits" is having a massively positive day with a high pace. 

On the charts, weekly is having a beautiful support trend-line and on Daily it's breaking out of a triangle pattern. The support trend-line has been respected nicely as well. 

I take it as a Long breakout trade. 
finder.jpg  gvitals.jpg  industry.jpg  z.jpg
Wadi shared the post on $VTR one day ago (1).

The next day the stock pulled back a little bit (2).

It is holding above the Memory support.

In the next few days, the bullish stock trade may get stopped out. Or it may hit the profit target. Whatever happens, it will remain an excellent example of application of the CUE 360 techniques.

Sometimes trades do get stopped out. That is part of the trading life. The key is to keep stop narrow. And in this case, the stop was narrow - just below the Memory support line.

You may see how the trade plays out in the coming days.

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