Sector performance on Monday showed that almost all sectors are very bullish. My preferred trade direction this week is long. 

1) HWM was presented on CUE Edge's Insight as a high growth stock. 
2) The score card for the stock showed it is a trade candidate having a positive Qtr-0
3) Sector analysis showed that the sector is going from negative to strong positive with a high Pace
4) The charts show a breakout Long with a weekly long signal as well. 
1.jpg  2.jpg  charts.jpg
Very nice analysis from Wadi. I would not mind buying the stock $HWM myself. 

I sometimes do not buy a stock on the day of a strong breakout in the market (unusual relative to recent days, as was yesterday).

I like HWM. Today if there is a low-risk entry opportunity, I may not mind buy it using the CUE Fine Tune chart and precision entry techniques.
As my market outlook is neutral, I am booking profit in short-term trades quickly nowadays.

$HWM was one such trade. 

1) Wadi shared it in CUE Traders' Forum two days ago. 

2) The next day I took the trade using monthly (June) Call options. I had mentioned about it in my forum-reply to Wadi yesterday.

3) Today HWM went up by more than 6%. 

4) My Call options had more than 40% profit in one trading day. When that happens, l like to book profit on enough lots to get my money back. I did the same.

4 0 technical.jpg 
I am thrilled. I enjoy watching you tp after tp 🙂
I exit this breakout trade fully today. I want a pay day. 
  closing HWM.jpg

Sometimes, I tend to book profit early when the market is not clearly bullish or evidently bearish.

Now the market is bullish. What to do under such circumstances?

I still like to book a decent profit when I have some.

It reduces risk and clears my mind.

While I book that profit, I always remember that when the market is bullish, the industry is strong, the stock looks excellent on the CUE charts, the better thing to do is to hold on to at least a partial position with CUE trailing stop (at Protection level). That way, I can eat the cake (at least a part of it). And have it too (at least a piece of it).

With all that being said, Wadi's $HWM was a great trade taken in time and booked profit nicely too.
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