Sagar Nandi
In India, over 12 months 78 Industries went up. Today, only 11 went up. That is a sharp drop and it is time to be cautious while Buying New Positions.

Where are the Buy Opportunities?

Here are they ...

Only 11 Industries went up today.

Out of that, only 5 went up by between 0.6 to 1.9%.

Incidentally, these are the same five that were weaker earlier and now getting stronger. That is their Industry Score is changing from magenta to cyan.

For Longer Term Investing, these are the Industries you might look for Buy Opportunities. Not the Industries that have already gone up strongly. 

Buying into Industries as they start to strengthen after weakness gives you an opportunity to Buy Fundamentally Strong Stocks at a Low Price.

Would you not like to do that? 

India Industries Edge 2017-12-28_6-32-13.jpg 

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