Like a rock thrown up in the sky at an angle.


The market is moving sideways and it is not easy to find a stock to trade. Many stocks are inside the triangle pattern bound by Memory support-resistance lines.

You could still try to find stocks - may or may not trade them as the market is sideways - but no harm looking for some pattern.

Here is a pattern that happens when you throw a rock in the sky. It goes up, slows down at the top.

A rock then falls down. A stock may or may not.

What is interesting in this chart is that it has hit Memory resistance in both weekly and daily and there is no support nearby.

This is also a trade-candidate if you did the fundamental analysis using CUE Vital. And in a weak industry if you cared to check the real-time industry strength in CUE Edge.

How did I find this nameless stock?

By running the CUE Global real-time scan that looks for stocks that are hitting weekly Memory resistance.

You may run that scan from time to time and look for shorts - like this possible candidate.

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