L Brands is up after earnings.


1) The Apparel Retail industry is strong today and is (2) accelerating (largely due to LB's up move!).

3) The stock pays an excellent dividend yield of 7.5%.

4) LB is up by more than 10% and (5) it is going up from near the 52-week low.

6) Undervalued stock with (7) short squeeze potential.

8) The weekly Backdrop is bullish - it is forming a base for several weeks after displaying the bullish Headwind reversal signal.

9) If the daily Memory trendline resistance is broken, it may give a low-risk buying opportunity.

  lb 1 2019-11-21_10-38-21.jpg  lb 2 2019-11-21_10-38-03.jpg 
lb 3 2019-11-21_10-39-31.jpg 
1) $LB could not close above the Memory trendline resistance and you would avoid taking a long position in the stock.

lb 1 2019-11-22_9-14-14.jpg 

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