J&K Bank (India), $JKBK, may give a low-risk buying opportunity.

Yesterday, there was a change in the special status of J&K territory in India after seven decades.

J&K Bank is based in that territory and it looks primed for a move up - with a narrow stop-loss.

All snapshots are as of 1:30 PM IST on 6th Aug (Tue).

jkbk funda 2019-08-06_4-07-20.jpg  jkbk tech 2019-08-06_4-00-09.jpg 
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Did you notice that my analysis using CUE systems are equally applicable to the USA as well as global markets?

Let's check out JKBK.

1) I suggested buy on this day.

2) Very next day it hit Upper Boundary, the suggested initial profit target and you would exit at least a partial position with discipline.

3) Next day it gapped up hugely and then reversed. You could exit the remaining at that time or using Trailing Stop following CUE Protection indicator. In either case, the remaining position would also exit with a very nice profit relative to the risk that you took in the trade.

4) As of Fri 23rd Aug close, JKBK is near Watermark Pivot Support. You may look for a buying opportunity again in coming days. You will buy only following CUE 360 analysis so that you get a high probability trade in real sense. Wouldn't you?

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