Sagar Nandi
Is this semiconductor stock ready to bounce?

Semiconductor Industry is weak right now. However, several Semi stocks are oversold. There is a possibility the industry or at least the strong fundamental stocks will recover to give a low-risk swing buy opportunity.

lrcx industry 2018-08-20_1-52-23.jpg 

This is one of the best fundamental stocks in its industry. Optimal valuation, great EPS and revenue growth and a short squeeze potential.

lrcx vital 2018-08-20_1-43-39.jpg 

CUE charts show it is right at Memory trendline support in both weekly and daily. Is it going to go up?

One may keep an eye on the stock using the CUE Fine Tune chart to look for low-risk opportunity intraday. Or wait for a Bounce setup to be confirmed.

lrcx chart 2018-08-20_1-51-38.jpg 
Sagar Nandi
Following up on 20th Aug Monday at 10:10 AM EST.

As of now, LRCX Bounce setup is not confirmed as per the unambiguous checklist.

Using Fine Tune also, CUE traders would not take a long because LRCX opened below the daily Memory support (1 on the chart below) and then breached Early Range Low in Fine Tune chart (point 2 on the chart below). CUE traders would stand aside and wait for this Bounce or another signal to be confirmed before entering a trade.

lrcx followup 2018-08-20_10-09-56.jpg 
Sagar Nandi
By end of the day 20th Aug, LRCX had ended with a bullish shape candle. And since then it is going up gradually. Today it is hitting the Memory resistance as of 10:10 AM EST. Will it be able to break out?

I had discussed LRCX in the last market roundup (yesterday) as well. 

lrcx chart 2018-08-27_10-15-52.jpg 
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