Is there a case for a shot-call vertical bearish $AAPL trade?

1) The industry is not strengthening in recent periods. It is declining, though not much.

2) The stock is overvalued.

3) Earnings growth is not that fantastic.

4) The stock is overbought in both weekly for many weeks.

5) Daily Traffic candle color turned bearish.

There is no technical short setup to take outright short-stock or put-options position.

If you think the stock will stabilize or decline a bit or even go up a bit but not that much, you might construct an attractive short call vertical trade with the short leg out of the money.

aapl 1 2019-11-22_11-19-13.jpg  aapl 2 2019-11-22_11-22-48.jpg  aapl 3 2019-11-22_11-18-03.jpg 
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