A couple days ago Sagar shared INSG as a short candidate.   After looking at the news a trader might say no way!  Nothing but positive news!  However CUE and Sagar were absolutely correct and I have been able to book a 70% profit!

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1) I had discussed the INSG short trade in a one-to-one Zoom-call with Rick (that I always cherish). My shorting idea was based on the unique and often effective CUE Headwind signal. I could catch the all-time-high of the stock with a successful short-trade. Since then the stock is falling. Rick's profit of 70% is, of course, using Put options. Put options work best at the top. As was in this case.

***** I have to highlight one very important fact, that I have mentioned in my YouTube videos. The person deciding, taking, managing a trade is the trader - like Rick in this case. The entire credit of shorting the top and booking 70% profit goes to only one person. That is Rick. CUE systems certainly help. Me explaining how to use CUE systems with live market helps. Still, finally, it is the trader who gets the credit as the executor. It is a pleasure for me to see that soon after starting with CUE, Rick had the ability to short a high-flying stock at an all-time high - based on confidence in his system and technique. Looking back, it may appear simple. It was anything but that.

I don't think many people will have the nerve to do that. Kudos to you - Rick.

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