1) Star candidate trade was found from CUE Global and confirmed with CUE Vital. 
2) Score Card for QRVO.O on CUE vital shows that not only it is a Star Candidate trade but also 57 of the stocks were up today (6 down). 
3) Information Technology industry is becoming strong since past 5 days but more importantly on 20th May. 
4) The charts show a classical GWF setup, however close to the upper boundary. However, with a 1:1 risk reward ratio it is very much worth Buying. 
1.jpg  2.jpg  3.jpg 
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I would not buy the stock at his point looking at the Memory resistance.

There may be other opportunities that are better (no resistance nearby). If not today, it will be there tomorrow. I am not in a hurry to take my next trade.
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