After discussions with Sagar, my challenge today is to find a potential opportunity in CUE Finder

A. The CUE Finder summary shows Trend continuation weaker (bearish)

B. INFN has GWF in CUE Finder short

C. INFN is overvalued and earnings quality are weak in CUE Vital

D & E INFN industry is weak

F. INFN weekly candle is yellow (my question if acceptable for short?)

G. INFN daily candle shows a GWF but also a potential breakout lower tomorrow?

INFN A.jpg  INFN B.jpg  INFN C.jpg  INFN D.jpg  INFN E.jpg  INFN F G.jpg 
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In this market, it may be safer to stand aside for most traders. Most, but not all. Yet, most.

You made many key observations while selecting $INFN.

1) The way you pointed to the trend-continuation signals is perfect. The "Gap" category is to be out of that and you did that very well. 

2) You found a stock that is not at the top of the CUE Finder. That suggests you looked at several stocks before finalizing INFN. That is also the sign of a mature trader. She/he is not satisfied with the first stock. Prefers to complete the self-assigned homework before choosing a candidate trade.

3) Earning is on 12th May. That is right/safe distance away for a quick swing trade.

4) The daily Bearish Headwind came four days ago. And now a Bearish Flow. This shows if one misses the Headwind trade, that is ok. If the trend reversal continues, the stock will give a GWF setup next. As in this case (in the daily).

5) True that weekly is yellow Backdrop color and thus not meeting the GWF short checklist conditions> That is the case with most stocks now. The market recovered from the lows quite a lot. Making the weekly (or trend, in general) not supportive of GWF shorts. Then the market is moving sideways, leading to many stocks being in a triangle of Memory support and resistance lines. That is also not allowing one to take a trade.

For many traders, it is safer to stand aside in such a market. If one was still going to trade, I would say it is ok to short a stock like this - the weekly candles are bearish in shape for two successive weeks. The daily also fell below yellow and white Direction lines while being in a longer-term downtrend (shown by the Memory resistance in the daily) - thereby making it a retracement short candidate in the daily.

In this market, it may be safer to stand aside for most traders. Most, but not all. Yet, most.
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