I am traveling in India,
Just before the market close here today, using real-time industry-rotation analysis tools, fundamental & peer analysis tools, and technical trading systems, I found one opportunity that seems ready to break out.

Here is the stock's 360 analysis of $IRB / $IRBI.NS.

1) Its industry is starting to improve.

2) Top valuation score.

3) The weekly is about to break out of Memory trendline resistance.

4 & 5) The daily broke out of one Memory resistance and is about to break another.

You may look for a low-risk buying opportunity in this stock.

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Another spectacular win (once again) resulting. Not by guessing or subjective judgment. But using a disciplined and systematic approach to trading profitably.

The same approach is applicable to the USA as well as global (liquid) markets as this live example (once again) illustrates.

1) I suggested buying $IRB (IRBI.NS), India on 10th Jan 2020. That was a Breakout long setup and you could identify it using CUE Scan/Sonar.

2) As of today, 22nd Jan, the stock has gone up hugely, giving a large reward-risk ratio.

CUE Traders would book at least a partial profit and use a trailing stop to protect the remaining position.

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