Indian pharmacy stock breaking out from the extreme price low (Pendulum low) before earnings.


1) As of ~10 AM IST, the pharmacy industry is improving. 

2) The stock is steadily going up over 1, 2, 5, and 10 days.

4) Undervalued stock.

5) Robust earnings quality (next earnings is on 31st Oct).

6) Increasing earnings growth.

7) The stock is making a false downside breakout in the weekly chart.

8) Weekly breaking out of Memory trendline resistance with bullish Backdrop color candle.

9) Daily is also breaking out of Memory resistance with bullish Flow color candle.

10) It is outperforming the market.

ardg 1 2019-10-23_9-56-21.jpg  ardg 2 2019-10-23_9-56-02.jpg  ardg 3 2019-10-23_9-57-57.jpg 
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I booked a profit in the $AARTIDRUGS trade in one trading day.

1) I suggested a breakout long in AARTIDRUGS yesterday in the morning session.

2) Yesterday was a gap up open day and stop could be set just below the day's candle.

3) Today AARTIDRUGS gapped up again and hit the white Direction line. At that time the risk distance was covered. I had placed a GTC profit booking order and that was hit. 

ardg 1 2019-10-24_10-30-06.jpg 
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