If you want to be flexible, you may be so with this aspect of the CUE 360 technique.


CUE guideline is to take trades where the market, industry, fundamental and technical forces are aligned. That rigor serves CUE traders well.

I make an exception sometimes. And I tend to make that only in a declining market or when my market outlook is bearish or preferred trade direction is short. That is the case now.

I try to always align with the market and industry. No exception on that. The same is true for technicals. I don't short a stock that is going up or buy one that is going down.

For short term trading, the only exception I may make sometimes is to short a stock that is still (as of the trade time) fundamentally not so weak. 

That was the case with AEL today (at the close of the 13th of May 2020).

The industry was weak.

Not only that. ALL the stocks in the industry were down. AEL was down the most.

AEL gave a CUE Breakout trade setup as it broke below Memory support, below sideways range in daily. Weekly Backdrop and also candle shape were bearish.

You might consider shorting AEL on 13th May at the market close. That is allowed in the CUE technique if one is willing to take breakout trades.

2 0 industry scorecard.jpg  3 1 fundamental.jpg  4 0 technical.jpg 
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It is time to make sure there is a profit in this trade taken yesterday.


A) From the fundamental scorecard of AEL's peers, you may see that not only yesterday but also today, all the peer stocks are down. That shows continued weakness and a hint that it is ok to continue to hold a partial position trying to let profit run.

1) Yesterday, the best time to take the short would be when AEL went below the daily Memory support. You could short it that time using the CUE Fine Tune 5-minute chart. I did not do that. I was watching Sherlock Holmes on Netflix. The episode ended around 3:40 PM EST. I spent the next 10-20 mins (that time is enough to find a trade using CUE systems) looking for a stock to trade (short, of course, as my preferred trade direction, was shorting). I could not find a 360 trade setup. I found AEL and being flexible on the fundamental side; I took a short trade just before the market close.

2) The stock gapped down at the open.

3) It is down by more than 6%.

4) I have a profit that I am not willing to turn into a loss. I will make sure I make some money from the trade.

3 1 fundamental.jpg  4 0 technical.jpg 

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