If you like boxes, this one is for you.


For a stock in a range (box), the optimal buy point is near the lower end of the spectrum. This stock is at that point now.

1) Its industry gained a bit of strength today, and (2) showed acceleration as well.

3) Valuation medium, though (4) secondary valuation is looking good.

5) Short squeeze potential.

6) Next earning is in May. If you are using options (say, synthetic long position), you might keep that in mind.

7) Weekly box and (8) daily box.

9) Weekly Memory trendline support.

10) Daily Memory support.

11) Keep in mind the Memory resistance in daily that is close to the current price.

12) Extreme Bullish Pressure.

13) Bull Release.

14) At Pendulum/Price Extreme Low.

m 1 2020-02-21_15-22-25.jpg  m 2 2020-02-21_15-23-18.jpg  m 3 2020-02-21_15-24-04.jpg 
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