If you are bullish on apparel retail, you may check out this stock.

$EXPR. Express Inc.

1) The industry is strengthening with (2) acceleration.

3) EXPR is steadily going up over 1, 2, 5, and 10 days.

4) Today most of EXPR's peer stocks are also up.

5) Undervalued stock with (6) short squeeze potential (if you are using options, you might use a strategy that expires after the next earnings date of 27th Nov).

7) Weekly backdrop turned bullish (cyan).

8) Relative performance shows EXPR is outperforming the market.

9) The optimal entry point was a few days ago when the daily Flow color turned bullish (cyan). Still, it may not be too late to take a long position?
expr 1 2019-10-22_14-26-29.jpg  expr 2 2019-10-22_14-27-41.jpg  expr 3 2019-10-22_14-32-03.jpg    
As I mentioned in the first post, the optimal entry point for long swing entry in EXPR had passed a few days ago (point 1) on the attached daily chart below.

Yesterday the price went up but did not close above the previous day's high (point 2).

Today (point 3), the price is reversing - showing a bear release signal and creating a triple top as of ~10:30 AM EST. 

If I had taken a late long entry yesterday (instead of at the optimal cyan Flow candle), I might consider managing the position and see that any reversal does not result in a big loss. 

This case also illustrates the need for swing traders to enter a trade at the optimal entry point and not wait. Every day you wait, the risk goes up and reward goes down, which is sub-optimal.

expr 1 2019-10-23_10-24-01.jpg 

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