If this languishing industry can recover, you may check that stock for a buying opportunity.


1, 2) As of 10:20 AM EST, the industry is relatively stronger and is showing acceleration as well.

2 0 industry.jpg 
3) Earning is out just a day or two ago, and the stock is up today by more than 8% so far.

4) Most of the peer stocks are up.

5) Undervalued with (6) short squeeze potential.

7) The last quarterly earnings were positive.

3 0 fundamental.jpg 

8) Weekly Backdrop color turning bullish.

9) It is still early in the morning (~10:30 AM EST). One may check if the daily ends in bullish Flow color with a bullish shape before considering buying.

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1) I suggested a potential Go With Flow trend-following long trade in $HAL on 22nd Apr (two trading days ago) in the morning session (before 10:30 AM EST).

I had taken a long position in HAL at that time. How did the trade turn out?

2) Today, on 24th Apr, soon after the market open, it hit the initial target of Upper Boundary. 

3) If one bought HAL based on the CUE 360 analysis that I shared (or one's own CUE analysis, which would result in a better price fill), you have more than 18% profit in the trade in two days. One could book profit (at least partial) profit in the trade. 

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