If the Apparel Retail industry turns around, you may consider buying this stock.


1) The industry is one of the strongest today.

2) It pays an excellent dividend yield of 4.6%.

3) Undervalued stock with (4) a short squeeze potential.

5) Two bullish Headwind reversals identified the bottom in the weekly chart.

6) After the last earnings, the price tried to go down but recovered immediately.

7) The current week's weekly Backdrop is bullish.

8) In the daily chart, if ANF closes above the Memory trendline resistance, it may give a breakout long trade setup.
$ANF closed below the Memory trendline resistance. The long breakout setup was not confirmed. You would stand aside from taking the long breakout trade.

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1) I started tracking $ANF for a potential breakout eight days ago through a post in my forum. That day the breakout did not confirm.

2) Today, it is trying to break out again. 

Will it give a Breakout Long setup today?

a 2020-01-07_9-38-15.jpg 
1) On Friday, the last time I posted on $ANF, the stock pulled back at the close, and the breakout was not complete. There was no bullish shape candle at the end of the day.

2) Today, Monday, ANF is trying to break out again.

And patiently, as usual, CUE traders are tracking the stock. Are you?

a 2020-01-08_10-02-04.jpg 
Waiting for $ANF to break out of the Memory resistance before buying was the right decision.

ANF could not break out, and you would probably stand aside and cancel the buying idea.

The Memory, auto-smart trendlines, worked as an effective resistance - once again.

a 2020-01-10_10-38-01.jpg 

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