Sagar Nandi
Today, one of our CUE traders brought HF to our attention and it was a good example of using Sonar to identify and enter profitable breakout trades well ahead of others. On the CUE daily chart, HF broke out above Memory auto-smart-trendline resistance. 

hf w and d 2018-07-20_0-49-25.png 
HF is having nice support in weekly from Memory trendlines (1) and on daily, it broke out above Memory trendline resistance. 

hf w and d 2 2018-07-20_0-25-13.png 
Another view shows that HF is having support from longer-term pivots in the weekly chart and daily is inside CUE squeeze that relaxed a bit today (turned from red to yellow, full squeeze release will show up as green).

Could you identify the breakout in real-time? Yes, using CUE Sonar. Probably you had a list of "value stocks" that you put on Sonar and HF would show up in that list. More on HF's valuation later.

hf sonar2 2018-07-20_0-27-56.png    HF came on CUE Sonar early in the day as a Breakout (marked as 1) candidate. It was/is at pendulum low (marked as 2). Those give good value buy opportunities in terms of the technical CUE charts. 

Was/is it a good value in fundamentals too? 

hf vital 2018-07-20_0-29-56.png 
Yes. CUE Vital shows, HF is indeed having a good valuation (1). It has short squeeze potential (2) and earning is nearby (3). If earning is good probably it will shoot up due to the short squeeze. Even before that one could buy, today. Using the breakout signal that came in Sonar early morning.

hf fine tune 2018-07-20_0-33-30.png 
HF Precise breakout entry using zero lag pivot and trendlines: It came on Sonar early in the day. On 5 min Fine Tune precision entry chart, the trendline was at 1, that was broken by the time price went above Early Range High (2). Long entry could be taken at that time. The stop would be at day's low (3), that was not hit. The target for day trading could be when risk distance was covered. Which happened by the time price came to Pause pivot line (4), actually before that. Reward (6) was more than risk (5).

This is how precise entry can be made for breakout candidates identified using Sonar in real time.
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