I found this stock from one of my favorite hunting grounds - today's best performing undervalued stocks.


1) The weekly displayed a bullish Headwind, and that caught the low beautifully (once again, I may say).

2) This week, the price created a false downside breakout at the Memory support trendline and is closing with a bullish shape candle.

3) You might consider that as a bounce as the weekly Activity is exceptionally high and price reversed from the Memory lines (several of them).

4) The daily also created a false downside breakout, this time at the Watermark pivot support.

5) You might consider that also as a bounce as it displayed extreme bullish Pressure.

6) It is not oversold anymore as it displayed the Bull Release signal.

7) All that is taking place at the Pendulum Low, and it is also creating a reversal candle.

8) Today was earnings. As you may see from the daily chart, the stock initially fell, but the sharply reversed, a bullish sign.

9) As of now, the stock is up by more than 7%.

10) Undervalued stock.

11) Short squeeze potential.

12) Quarterly earnings growth as well as (13) quarterly revenue growth are positive. So are the annual growth numbers.

14) The industry is strong today, and (15) it is also accelerating.

f0 2020-02-28_12-08-57.jpg  f1 2020-02-28_12-11-07.jpg  f2 2020-02-28_12-10-24.jpg  f3 2020-02-28_12-11-40.jpg 
Today, the global market seemed weak (I can check the global markets using CUE Global).

The USA market opened higher but went below the Early Range Low pivot level.

So did $FL.

1) FL went below the Early Range Low in Fine Tune chart.

2) At the same time, the daily Flow color turned magenta (bearish). 

It can change as it is only the morning session. However, I decided to apply my discretion (right, or, wrong, we will see) to exit the long position I took yesterday with a small loss.

f 2020-03-02_10-21-06.jpg 
Exiting $FL based on the CUE Fine Tune chart turned out to the appropriate decision.

The market rallied; however, FL struggled and declined.

It is not uncommon that stocks go up on earnings and then pull back. That is what happened with FL.

I had bought FL based on the bounce from the weekly Memory.

1) However, today, one day after earnings result, price pulled back and closed below the weekly Memory.

2) At the close of the day, daily also turned magenta Flow color.

Using the real-time chart, I had exited the long earlier and share it in the forum. That turned out to the right decision. And it helped minimize loss.

fl 1 2020-03-02_16-06-31.jpg 
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