I bought the stock that I identified during the YouTube live session today.

The YouTube live session video is available here

I found the stock during the live session. You may found out from the video why I chose ZUMZ and not the other stocks that I analyzed.


I bought it as a (1) Breakout trade and put a stop (2) somewhere below yesterday's low. Not below (3) the Memory support.

4) Thought the market dropped today, ZUMZ sharply went up - closing up by 9.2%. 

5) Undervalued stock with (6) earnings growth.

7) 91% of peer stocks were also up.

8) Its industry was one of the strongest today.

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3 0 fundamental.jpg 

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Thanks for sharing.
On my chart I have a watermark resistance few ticks above the candle. I was worried about that.
Good observation, Wadi. It deserves some clarifying, probably.

The Watermark is on my chart too. Sometimes, I simplify the chart when posting a topic and show only the important signals (at least, the ones I am looking at).

The Breakout trade does not have a checklist in the CUE technique, unlike the other setups like GWF, HW, Box, and Bounce. Therefore, one needs to make a call on which signals to use or not use for the Breakout setup.

In general, for the other CUE trade setups, one comment is in order.

Every CUE trade setup has a checklist. When evaluating a setup, say GWF, one needs to only look at the signals mention in the list. Watermark is not in the checklist for GWF. That means, even if there is a Watermark nearby, that is no reason not to take a GWF trade. I have seen some traders avoid GWF when Watermark is nearby. However, that is not required. 

Similarly, for a Box setup, Boundary lines are not required to be considered.

So on and so forth for the other CUE trade setups. In general, it is useful to keep the associated checklists handy and decide to take or avoid a trade based on the signals in the checklists.

Again, Breakout does not have a checklist. So, one needs to decide oneself. I though ZUMZ is giving a low-risk breakout setup and bought it. If that does not work out, that is fine. I have stop-loss pre-planned, as usual.
ZUMZ, which I bought based on analysis on YouTube live, has more than 6.6% profit in 2 trading days.

1) I bought it as a Breakout long candidate.

2) Today it gapped up.

3) It went up by more than 7% today.

4) My position has more than 6.6% profit in two trading days. I will make sure that I book some profit on the trade.

4 0 technical.jpg

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