I am using both trendline support and resistance in a trade setup of $CERN.

1) Its industry is strong today.

2) The stock is up over today, 1-day, 2-day, 5-day periods.

3) Not overvalue yet.

4) CERN has steady (though not very high) annual and quarterly EPS growth.

5) CERN has steady (though not very high) annual and quarterly revenue growth.

6) Weekly is nicely supported by Memory and Backdrop candle is bullish.

5) Daily breaking above Memory resistance and Flow candle colors is bullish.

cern 1 2019-11-15_12-40-39.jpg  cern 2 2019-11-15_12-40-56.jpg  cern 3 2019-11-15_12-41-46.jpg 
1) Did you buy $CERN on 15th Nov when I shared the idea?

2) It has hit the initial profit target (Upper Boundary) today and you might book profit in the swing trade - as usual - with discipline.

cern 1 2019-11-25_10-34-36.jpg 
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