Sagar Nandi
For the sender:

1. Go to folder C:\Users\User profile name\AppData\Local\Thomson Reuters\Eikon User\Cache\User's UUID folder\Cache\Cloud

Note: The AppData folder may be a hidden folder in some computers. 

Note: the exact path may be different depending on where EIKON is installed on your computer.

Note: You may get UUID by opening EIKON, going to menu (from top left EIKON menu button):

"Help -> About Thomson Reuters EIKON"
visiting the "USER DETAILS" tab.

UUID is listed on this page.

2. Take the .kowz files and send those to the receiving party.

For the receiver:

1. Save the received files in a folder.

2. Click "My EIKON" Menu on the top right of EIKON toolbar, go to "My Files" and then select "Workspaces" tab from the left.

3. Click "Import" from the menu bar and import the files that you received from the sender.

The attached file shows how several CUE traders use EIKON. You may import it following the above steps.
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