Note: You may Contact Us if you would like us to help with the installation using remote computer connect. We will be happy to help with that.

Note: If you do not have Office 32 bit installed, please install that first, preferably, before installing  Metastock Xenith (Thomson Reuters EIKON). Even if your computer is using Windows 64 bit, the Office version is to be 32-bit to make sure that EIKON components (on which CUE Vital /inPEER is based) run smoothly. 

Note: If you have not installed Metastock Xenith (Thomson Reuters EIKON) yet, please follow instructions sent to you by Metastock and install that on the computer before proceeding with the following steps for installing CUE Vital/inPEER


1.1. Before proceeding make sure that you read and consent to Superior Profit User AgreementPrivacy Statement, and Site Disclaimer.

Proceeding with the subsequent steps means you have read and consented to the above information.

1.2. Once you complete the purchase of the CUE Vital/inPEER Fundamental Analyst, you would receive a welcome email from Superior Profit with a download link. 

Note: In case you don't find this mail in your email inbox, it might have been filtered out in your email spam folder.

Click this link provided in your email to open your personalized Welcome page - this page would look like the snapshot below.

CUE Vital Download.jpg
1.3. Click on the Download Link as shown in the snapshot above to download your CUE Vital/inPEER Fundamental Analyst software. Save the download to disk and unzip the files. 

Note: The download may contain ".EXE" files. Make sure that your virus protection system does not filter out these files.


Note: If you want Superior Profit Support Team to register your computer for CUE Vital/inPEER Fundamental Analyst, you may run "HWINFO2.EXE", capture the displayed screen and email it to Please remember to use the email id you used to purchase CUE Global Trading System while sending this email. We will register your computer; usually within one working day.

If you would like to register your computer yourself, you may follow the steps below.
Note:  The same step may be followed both for registering your first computer for CUE Vital/inPEER, or for transferring the CUE Vital/inPEER license to a new computer.

2.1. Run "HWINFO2.EXE" included in downloaded files. The following dialog box will be shown.

Copy the hardware id shown by clicking "Copy to Clipboard".

Note: No message is displayed saying that the Copy is successful - this is normal - proceed to the next step.

2.2. Go to the personalized Welcome page and choose Contact Information from the left-hand side.

Paste this hardware id in the field "Account #1" on that page. And click "Update Information". 

This step is illustrated in the snapshot below.

CUE Vital Contact Information.jpg
2.3. Your computer is now registered for the use of the CUE Global Trading System.


3.1. Make sure the proper version of Metastock Xenith (Thomson Reuters EIKON) is installed on your computer. 

3.2. Copy the downloaded DLL files (VL2.DLL and VL2x64.DLL) in the following folders on your computer:

Note: Your computer may not have one of the folders depending on whether the Microsoft Windows version is 32 bit or 64 bit etc. That is fine. Just copy the DLLs in the one or both of the folder(s) as appropriate for your computer.

3.2.1. The folder with the name "System32". 

3.2.2. The folder with the name "SysWOW64". 

3.2.3. The folder where the Microsoft Excel Executable "Excel.EXE" is located (this file type is to be "Application").

For Office 32 bit running on Windows 64 bit the folder on our computer that has Excel.EXE looks like this.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16

The exact folder may vary on your computer.

Note: You may use Windows Search feature to search for the exact folder by typing "SysWOW64" or "System32" or "Excel.EXE" (of type "Application") and looking for the name.

3.3. CUE Vital/inPEER installation is now complete.  You may open the CUE Vital/inPEER.xlsm file downloaded in step 1 to use the system.

Note: Please enable Macros on Microsoft Excel when using CUE Vital/inPEER.

Thanks for your support.

Superior Profit Team.
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