NOTE: If you procured CUE Global from Metastock, then instead of following the installation steps below, you are to follow the instructions sent to you by Metastock directly. 

Note: You may Contact Us if you would like us to help with the installation using remote computer connect. We will be happy to help with that.

Note: If you have not installed Metastock yet, please follow instructions sent to you by Metastock and install Metastock on the computer before proceeding with the following steps for installing CUE Global.

Note: If you had installed CUE Global earlier and would like to clean up the system before installing a newer version of CUE Global, then you may follow the steps in this FAQ: Removing older components before installing a new version of CUE Global.


1.1. Before proceeding, make sure that you read and consent to Superior Profit User AgreementPrivacy Statement, and Site Disclaimer.

Proceeding with the subsequent steps means you have read and consented to the above information.

1.2. You may download the latest version of CUE systems from your personalized download page.

1.2.1. Click the download link on your personalized page to download the installation files.

Note: The download may contain ".EXE", ".DLL", ".XLSM" files. Make sure that your virus protection system does not filter out these files.

Note: If you want Superior Profit Support Team to register your computer for CUE Global, you may run "HWINFO.EXE", capture the displayed screen and email it to us. Please remember to use the email id you used to purchase CUE Global while sending this email. We will register your computer, usually within one working day.

If you would like to register your computer yourself, you may follow the steps below.
Note:  The same step may be followed both for registering your first computer for CUE Global, or for transferring the CUE Global license to a new computer.

2.1. Run "HWINFO.EXE" included in downloaded files. The following dialog box will be shown.

temp 9 0.jpg    

Note: If HWINFO is not showing the computer id, then it may be because you have not installed and run Metastock. Close HWINFO. Install Metastock. Run Metastock once. Close Metastock. Run HWINFO again. It will be able to pick up the computer id with the "MS-" prefix.

Copy the hardware id shown by clicking "Copy to Clipboard".

Note: No message is displayed saying that the Copy is successful - this is normal - proceed to the next step.

2.2. Go to the personalized page for setting your computer ids for use with CUE systems.

Paste this hardware id in the field "Account #1" or "Account#2" on that page. And click "Update Information". 

This step is illustrated in the snapshot below.

temp 9 1.jpg 
2.3. Your computer is now registered for the use of the CUE Global Trading System. You may exit and then revisit this page using the personalized link to make sure that your HWID has been appropriately saved.    


3.1. Make sure the proper version of Metastock is installed and that Metastock is not running on your computer.

Run CUE Global Set Up.EXE.

Follow the steps - accepting all the dialog prompts with Ok, Overwrite, Continue, etc. 

3.2. CUE Global does not require any parameter setting for its indicators etc. However, depending on the market you are trading in, some Market Specific Settings may be set for once. These settings are discussed in a separate article in the FAQ. You may access that article here.

3.3. CUE Global Trading System installation is now complete. 

Note: Remember to load at least 1500 Records in the "Data Loading" section when running the CUE Global Sonar/Explorers. That will allow the loading of enough data that is required by the CUE Global Sonar/Explorer programs.

Thanks for your support.


Disclaimer: This site is for educational purposes only, explaining the use of CUE systems and techniques. It is not for trade advice. Trading involves risk. You and only you are solely responsible for the outcome of your trades.

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