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Note: You may Contact Us if you would like us to help with the installation using remote computer connect. We will be happy to help with that.

Note: If you have not installed TradeStation yet, please follow instructions sent to you by TradeStation and install TradeStation on the computer before proceeding with the following steps for installing CUE TradeStation Add-On.

Note: If you had installed CUE Elite earlier and would like to clean up the system before installing a newer version of CUE Elite, then you may follow the steps in this FAQ: Removing older components before installing a new version of CUE Elite


1.1. Before proceeding make sure that you read and consent to Superior Profit User AgreementPrivacy Statement, and Site Disclaimer.

Proceeding with the subsequent steps means you have read and consented to the above information.

1.2. You may download the latest version of CUE systems from your personalized download page.

1.2.1. Click the download link on your personalized page to download the installation files.

Note: The download may contain ".EXE", ".DLL", ".XLSM" files. Make sure that your virus protection system does not filter out these files.


Note: If you want Superior Profit Support Team to register your TradeStation login id for CUE Elite, you may run email the TradeStation login id to us. Please remember to use the email id you used to purchase CUE Elite while sending this email. We will register your computer, usually within one working day.

If you would like to register your computer yourself, you may follow the steps below.
2.2. Go to the personalized page for setting your TradeStation login id for use with CUE systems.

Paste the TradeStation login id in the field "Account #1" or "Account#2" on that page. And click "Update Information".

This step is illustrated in the snapshot below.

temp 9 1.jpg 

2.2. Your TradeStation login id is now registered for the use of the CUE Elite Trading System.


3.1. Make sure the proper version of TradeStation is installed and that TradeStation is running on your computer.

3.2. Make a backup of your current TradeStation platform by choosing an appropriate menu option as shown below (this backup may be used to revert your system to the current state in case anything goes wrong with the CUE Elite installation process).

TradeStation Backup.jpg    

3.3. Copy the DLL files downloaded in step 1 to your computer's TradeStation's Program folder. This folder will look something like "C:\Program Files (x86)\TradeStation 10.0\Program" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\TradeStation 9.5\Program" depending on your TradeStation version.

(Note: this will be the same folder where you will find "ORPlat.exe"; the TradeStation's ".EXE" program.)

The exact folder location may vary depending on where TradeStation is installed on your computer. 

3.4. Install the CUE Elite Technical Analysis components by double-clicking the CUE Elite Technical Analysis file (Tradestation Easy Language file for CUE Elite) downloaded in step 1.

Alternatively, you may import these by choosing File->Import/Export Easy Language from the TradeStation menu and following the prompts.

3.5. If the downloaded compressed file in step 1 contains a "Tradestation 10.0" folder, copy this folder and all sub-folders and files inside it into your computer's "Document" folder.

Your "Document" folder should already have the Tradestation 10.0 sub-folder. When copying, overwrite existing files when and if prompted.

Note that it will only overwrite CUE files if they already existed in your Document-Tradestation 10.0 folder.

This step will get multiple CUE components including Custom Symbol Lists, Scans, Chart/Radar Templates, etc. that are pre-built in CUE Elite.

3.6. If one or more archives are included in the setup file that you downloaded in step 1, restore them one by one by choosing an appropriate menu option as shown below. Note that this may overwrite existing Hot-Keys setting etc. The name of an archive explains the content in the archive.

TradeStation Restore.jpg  

Follow the steps - accepting all the dialog prompts with Ok, Overwrite, Continue, etc. 

3.7. CUE Elite installation is now complete. You may now open the CUE desktops and workspaces and start using them.

3.8. Whether you are using CUE Elite as the only TradeStation trading system or in combination with others, remember to open ONLY the CUE Elite Startup (4K or Full HD) desktop first (with the workspace CUE Elite Startup 4K or Full HD in it, as appropriate for your monitor) before opening any other desktop. Once you open this desktop/workspace, it will validate your license and also set the CUE Indicator sizes that are suitable for your monitor choice (4K or Full HD). After that, you may open all other desktops and workspaces.

3.8.1. If the chart is not displaying CUE signals after you open CUE Elite Startup (4K or Full HD) workspace, you may apply the study group CUE Elite Startup (4K or Full HD) on the chart. That should display the CUE signals properly (assuming your CUE Elite license is still active).

3.8.2. If you want to further fine-tune the CUE indicator sizes, you may do that using the steps mentioned in this topic.

3.9. Note that sometimes, on Tradestation 10.0, when you open CUE Elite desktop for the first time, it gives an error message saying it could not find the workspaces. If this happens, (a) close the alert(s), (b) For the CUE Elite desktop, open all the workspaces that start with prefix "CUE". (3) Save the CUE Elite desktop and close Tradestation. Next time when you open the CUE Elite desktop, it will open the workspaces without warning message.

Thanks for your support.


Disclaimer: This site is for educational purposes only, explaining the use of CUE systems and techniques. It is not for trade advice. Trading involves risk. You and only you are solely responsible for the outcome of your trades.

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