Sagar Nandi
Nifty Fifty has fifty stocks (duh!).

Nifty is near All-Time High. Less than 0.5% from the very high.

Looking at that, most investors would like to add to Stocks.

However, only a few Stocks in Nifty fifty are Optimally Valued for Long-Term Investing. How many? Exactly nine.

And out of those nine, only two Stocks has consistent above 5% growth in BOTH EPS and Revenue for all the periods from 1 year to 5 years. Consistently strong performance - isn't it?

The two Stocks are:

1) Infosys in IT Consulting Industry.
2) Aurobindo Pharma in Pharmaceuticals Industry.

You may keep an eye on these two stocks using CUE Charts Technical Analysis to see when they give optimal Buy opportunity. As of today (20th Dec AMC) Aurobindo Pharma looks better on Technical Charts.

Here is the Weekly Backdrop Chart of Aurobindo Pharma (ARBN.NS).

ARBN Weekly Backdrop 2017-12-20_9-31-15.jpg 

What about these Industries? Pharma and IT Consulting both are weak. Between them, Pharma looks a little better.

India Industries 2017-12-20_9-25-58.jpg 

This may be a good time to look for Buy in Pharma, as soon as the Industry starts to turn around (or accelerates in Pace and gains Score). AND when this Optimal Value Aurobindo Pharma gives us a Low-Risk Entry on CUE Charts.

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