How do I use the technical trading systems to make decision making easier?

Let me begin the new year 2020 with a post on that.

See the clear chart (A) of one stock as of the last day of the year 2019.

And then see the series of three charts (B to D) to see how I make more confident trading decisions based on visual signals on the charts.

As you may see there are plenty of signals to see.
  • EACH of them is different by design and represents a separate aspect of the stock's moves.
  • Every signal or indicator is designed to look different so that visually I can recognize them and react to the color coding instinctively.
  • There is no parameter to be set.
  • No threshold to be compared with.
  • No squinting of the eyes to look for convergence of divergence.
  • No duplication.
  • Totally unambiguous and visual.
Would you not buy the stock if it was in your country/market?

a 2020-01-01_12-34-36.jpg  b 2020-01-01_12-37-49.jpg  c 2020-01-01_12-39-21.jpg 
d 2020-01-01_12-40-28.jpg 
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How did I find the stock?

It came in multiple Sonar/scan results, including the following:

Go With Flow trend-following long scan, Breakout long scan, Reversal long scan, These are based on the last day's candle.

Scan for Headwind signal in the last 30 days. The price may revisit those supports for a low-risk buy entry.

Scan for Box long in the last 30 days. The price may revisit those supports for a low-risk buy entry.
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