I continue to learn so much from Sagar and CUE.  I wish I found him years ago!

Today, I did a quick look at CUE Edge to see if any Sectors were doing exceptionally well.  I found Energy.  I then did a quick look at CUE Edge Insight for undervalued stocks and I found HLX in the energy sector. So I did a deeper look and found it was breaking out.  My entry was 2.23 with a stop of 1.70

A. CUE Edge Sector analysis showing Energy sector strength

B. CUE Edge Insight showing HLX

C. CUE Edge Industry strength of Oil & Gas Equipment & Services

D. CUE Edge stock analysis showing HLX as undervalued and a very possible squeeze play

E. Weekly candle is bullish

F. Daily candle shows breakout above memory line at 3:00 EST

HLX A.jpg  HLX B.jpg  HLX C.jpg  HLX D.jpg  HLX E F.jpg 
I could not find a better 360 trade setup than what Rick did today. And I gave an unconditional thumbs up to his post.


A perfect example of 360 analysis that started from CUE INSIGHT. In CUE Diary, it will go as a perfectly scored entry, irrespective of what happens in terms of PnL in the coming days.

I carried out a peer analysis of $HLX using CUE Vital. And HLX turned out to be the best candidate for long in terms of fundamentals.

This also illustrates the fact that the % move may not be the deciding factor in buying a stock. This stock is up by more than 60% today. But that does not prevent CUE traders from taking the trade. The guideline is to manage the $ risk in a trade. And that can be done by sizing the position using CUE Diary.

One more note. Some CUE traders are able to track the stocks during the market hours. They could identify HLX as a Gap Long candidate soon after market open and take a low-risk buy position. By the end of the day, they already had a 25% profit in the trade.

4 0 technical.jpg 
And here is how CUE Sonar (on TradeStation CUE Elite or Metastock CUE Finder) could alert an active trader on the Gap-Long setup possibility.

6 0 radar.jpg 

Disclaimer: This site is for educational purposes only, explaining the use of CUE systems and techniques. It is not for trade advice. Trading involves risk. You and only you are solely responsible for the outcome of your trades.

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