HPE is not a stock to buy or hold, would you short it?

How did I find it? I used the CUE Breakout Down scan.


I have marked the At A Glance weekly-daily template with numbers showing the bearish signals.

The chart is as of 22nd July after market close.

Technical charts are weak. Fundamentals are not so weak as far as valuation is concerned. And the sector-industry are also not weak. Next earnings is on 26th Aug.

hpe 2019-07-23_2-32-01.jpg 
The breakout short setup on $HPE worked beautifully.

1) I shared the breakout short idea on 22nd July.

2) Today on 2nd Aug HPE gapped down at open and profit could be booked in the swing trade.

hpe 2019-08-02_9-39-18.jpg 
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