Here is another application of the precision trading technique.


Rick analyzed this stock in the CUE Traders' Stock Pick category (last Friday's analysis). It was a great application of the CUE 360 technique.

However, it is not usually a good idea to buy a stock right after earnings. I tend to avoid that (both just before as well as just after earning).

SXC had jumped up after earnings, which was on last Friday (it was/is undervalued stock with short squeeze potential). It went up with the industry/peers.

However, today it pulled back. Its peers and industry also weakened (at least as of ~2:30 PM EST).

I used the CUE precision entry technique & Fine Tune chart to take a long position today before my YouTube live session.

After the session, the trade had 2.7%+ profit. This entry was similar to my MDP entry. MDP went up more.

I am going to make sure that the SXC profit does not turn into a loss. I have put a stop order to ensure that the trade exits at least with some profit if the stock comes down from the current price level.

2 0 industry.jpg  3 0 fundamental.jpg  4 0 technical.jpg 


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