Here is a high-close doji with CUE Bearish Pressure and Bear Release.


It formed a doji-candle yesterday at the very high (Pendulum High) and today's price is falling down.

You could find $A if you ran the CUE san for stocks at Price Extreme High and Reversing on CUE Global. You could see it in real-time today.

Its industry was strong. And that is changing now.

Average valuation with decreasing earnings growth and very close to 52-week high (less than 2% below that). 86% of peer stocks are down today.

The stock opened with a gap down and then continuing to g down as of ~midday. It showed a high-close doji with CUE Bear Release and CUE Bearish Pressure at Pendulum/Price Extreme High. Weekly is creating an ominous bearish shape candle (if next week continues to go down). Options prices are as cheap as it gets, as shown by magenta color in CUE Volatility chart.
9 0 Temp.jpg

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