Here is a biotech stock with earnings growth and a buy setup.


1) The industry accelerated. Probably a particular biotech stock can move up due to its own news/strength/drug result, etc. even if the industry is weak. Still, it is good to see some industry strength or acceleration.

2) PFNX has steady quarterly earnings growth.

3) It gave a Go With Flow trend-following long-setup yesterday. 

p 1 2020-01-09_11-17-36.jpg  p 2 2020-01-09_11-16-09.jpg  p 3 2020-01-09_11-12-42.jpg 
1) I shared a Go With Flow (GWF) trend-following long trade in $PFNX. The signal day was 8th Jan.

2) Today, the stock is about to break out of the previous swing high (~2:30 PM EST). Others may be looking to take a breakout long trade. CUE traders are looking to book partial profit.

A small yet meaningful difference between a breakout trader and CUE GWF trader.

p 2020-01-15_14-28-13.jpg 

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