1) CUE Finder gave me a list of Long trades and I filtered to look for only Star Candidates using CUE Vital
2) Found OMI which is an undervalued stock with positive earning in Qt-0
3) Sector Analysis on CUE Edge showed that healthcare is strong and positive
4) The charts showed that the stock is bouncing from a trendline and at the same time it could be considered a triangle breakout for a Long. Weekly supports the idea for a long as well.  1.jpg  2.jpg  chart bounce breakout.jpg 
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The weekly is moving sideways for a long time. I may not buy it personally right now. Or, if I bought it, I would like to book a profit quickly.

That is a totally personal choice. 

This stock is giving a technical breakout trade setup. One may be cautious only because yesterday all stocks (strong or weak) seemed to go up. Today is a different thing, probably.
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