Today I will be watching symbol HCC for a breakout.

A. CUE Edge Insight shows HCC as an undervalued stock

B. The steel industry has been strong and its Pace is very strong

C. CUE Vital shows HCC to be undervalued, Strong earnings quality and possible short squeeze

D. Weekly candle is bullish

E. Daily candle is at a point where a breakout could allow the stock to move higher quickly (also a GWF & good volume)

F. HCC announced good earnings on 4/29/20

HCC A.jpg  HCC B.jpg  HCC C.jpg  HCC D E.jpg  HCC F.jpg 
I have nothing much to add to Rick's detailed 360 analysis on $HCC.

The fact that after earnings it tried to go down and then reversed strongly on 4th May with High Pressure may be considered bullish. 

$HCC gave a GWF trend-following entry on 4th May (yesterday) and one might buy it on that day.

If one waited for today (5th May) and then use the Early Range Breakout technique, one may keep an eye on the risk distance (stop loss) - will it be a little bit too far for comfort?

Rick found the trade from INSIGHT.

I saw that in CUE Finder also, HCC was right at the top. That means you could identify the trade in real-time from top-down analysis (CUE Finder). From INSIGHT based analytics. 

7.0 Finder.jpg 
One of the very important concepts Sagar has taught me is to watch the intraday chart in CUE Elite to buy a stock when it breaks out of opening range (Bullish = Above / Bearish = Below).  Today HCC never broke above its opening range (A).
HCC OR.jpg 
Very good job, Rick.

That you waited for the Early Range Breakout and thereby avoided entering the trade.

On top of that, HCC failed to break above Early Range while SPY did that effortlessly in the morning hours. That would tell us to wait to enter any long in HCC.

4 0 technical.jpg 

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