Hathway Cable ($HATHWAY), India has hit the upper circuit today.


1) The Cable & Satellite industry is recovering.

2) HATHWAY is near the 52-week low, and (3) is up by 4.8% today, hitting the upper circuit limit as of midday IST.

4) Undervalued stock with (5) EPS growth and (6) a small revenue growth as well.

7) Weekly Backdrop color is bullish and the Memory trendline is supporting the price.

9) Daily went up today and is just below a Memory trendline resistance.

If the stock can go above the daily Memory resistance, it may give a low-risk buying opportunity.

hawy 1 2019-11-25_11-52-46.jpg  hawy 2 2019-11-25_11-51-53.jpg  hawy 3 2019-11-25_11-46-21.jpg 
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1) Did you pay heed to my bullish view on $HATHWAY (India) that I shared yesterday?

2) Today right after the market open, HATHWAY hit the upper circuit again. 

Disciplined 360 analysis proved useful once again.

hawy 1 2019-11-26_9-31-14.jpg 
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